There is a strong correlation between six (6) professional dispositions that support student and teacher engagement in the classroom and underpins inclusion, equity and social justice within the learning setting. To instill and enhance the six (6) dispositions both initial teacher education and continuing professional development opportunities should embrace the facilitated acquisition of these dispositions.

The six (6) disputations are;

1) A Psychosociocultural consciousness,

2) High expectations,

3) Desire to make a difference,

4) Social constructivist approach,

5) Deep knowledge of each learner,

6) Culturally Proficient Teaching Pedagogy.

Research shows an increase in learner engagement and a decrease in exclusion when teachers display the above dispositions. Teacher and learner engagement in the foundation to inclusive and equitable education and teacher attitudes are the primary factors in maintaining engagement for all learners. Engagement leads to a sense of belonging and in turn this leads to success within the teaching and learning process that leads to inclusive and equitable practice.


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From June 6 to 9, 2022


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Coordinator: Camila Cosse