Location of the Congress: Av. La plata 82, CABA

It is important to bear in mind that to travel by public transport in the City of Buenos Aires you need the "SUBE" card, which is charged with money in different parts of the city. The card can be purchased at kiosks, lottery stands and especially at subway stations (subte), where it can also be charged. The charge is made with cash. The card is used to travel by subway, train and buses throughout the city and we recommend an initial charge of $ 150.- Argentine Pesos. It is advisable to charge the card during the day so as not to have difficulties at night. Although the SUBE card allows you to continue traveling with a small negative balance, it is suggested that you always carry it with charge.

To travel by taxi or remises in the City, usually the driver must be paid in cash. For safety we recommend taking only taxis that have the name of the company above the car or on their doorsteps, or order taxis through web applications such as "Cabify", "City Taxi", "Easy Taxi", or "BA TAXI" .

The seat of the Congress is very close to the “Río de Janeiro” station, on the subway line A.


The transport lines that arrive at the Congress headquarters from the Center are:

Combination A. Bus 67 and then Subway line A

Combination B. Bus 70 and then Subway line A

Combination C. Bus 132 A o 132

Combination D. Bus 10A and then Subway A.


The transport lines that arrive at the Congress headquarters from Recoleta are:

Combination A. Bus 151 and then bus 26 A

Combination B. Bus 168 A and then 26 A

Combination C. Bus 151 A and then 132 B

Suggested: Subway Line H to the station "Plaza Miserere", and then Subway A in the direction of "San Pedrito".

The transport lines that arrive at the Congress headquarters from San Telmo are:

Subway line A.

We recommend looking for accommodation within the downtown area near the stations of the subway line A or in Recoleta given the easy accessibility provided by the Subway to both the headquarters of the Congress and the tourist centers of the City.

Alternatively, we recommend staying close to the headquarters or near any A subway station in the city of Buenos Aires that easily connects you to the city center and headquarters.


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