Buenos Aires City

Welcome to Buenos Aires, the Federal Capital of Argentina, which will be the headquarters of the Congress of the AMCE 2020.

Buenos Aires combines faded European greatness with Latin passion. Vibrant and alive, this beautiful city has much to offer. The gastronomic scene of BA is highly dynamic, but for many travelers the main attraction is the gastronomic, heavy with carnivore possibilities, offer that the city has. The grills (parrillas) are found throughout the city and offer innumerable cuts of meat, from “bife de chorizo” (sirloin) to “vacío” (flank steak) to “bife's eye” (rib). Italian-style ice creams in Buenos Aires are the perfect dessert after a grill, with the specialty of "dulce de leche" (caramel) at the head of all possible flavors.

The great palaces of French and Italian style are the protagonists of the architectural offer of the city, although you can also observe interesting architectural details in the buildings of local neighborhoods, even low profile. The appeal of traditional neighborhoods is enhanced by the colorful murals painted by artists involved in the vibrant street art scene of the city.

The city offers multiple types of entertainment. The restaurants start at 9 pm, the bars at midnight and the clubs at 2 am very early. BA's varied range of bars, clubs and live music venues offers something for visitors of all ages and profiles, from electronic music DJs to live jazz sets and, of course, tango shows.

Tango is one of the internationally best-known attractions of Buenos Aires. Folklore says it started in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, a long time ago, when the men who waited for their "ladies" spent their time dancing among them. Today the city offers a lot of variety in the field of tango shows from the most classic to the most modern and acrobatic ones. You can also visit countless dance centers where you can take classes get acquainted with the dance, or perfect your technique, from milongas (dance halls) to dance schools.


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Buenos Aires

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