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Dear colleagues:

The National Pedagogical University (UNIPE) and the National University of San Martin (UNSAM) have the pleasure and honor to welcome you to the XX CONGRESS of the World Association of Educational Sciences (AMSE-AMCE-WAER) entitled "Education and training in the face of the great challenges of our time: migrations, the digital society and sustainable development. "

The organization of the XX Congress of the AMCE in Latin America is an opportunity to strengthen the links between the researchers of this region, which in spite of the recent advances is still the most unequal in the world, and with those who reside in the other regions of the planet.

Our effort focuses on building conditions to think about the necessary transformations of education and training in view of sustainable development in the context of the digital society and the notable increase in migrations and population displacements.

Our expectation is to create a rewarding and uplifting experience for all who participate: speakers, coordinators, presenters of scientific papers, experts and students. We are committed with   building international networks that nurture the approaches and traditions that have been mobilized in each country to address the global challenges that affect education and training in our time.

We hope that our effort will be materialized in a Congress that allows for an entertaining exchange of ideas and place for academic productions whose relevance makes them unavoidable at the time of the design and planning of educational policies.




Adrian Cannellotto                                                           Carlos Greco

Unipe´s Dean                                                                     Unsam´s Dean


Virtual modality

From June 6 to 9, 2022


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Coordinator: Camila Cosse

Email: support@amse2020.org